Our Story


Like a lot of success stories, it started in a garage.  In 1980 John & Naomi Wallace, like many American families, were feeling the pinch of the current energy crisis.  So they began looking for an alternative to heating their home with electricity.  They decided to buy a wood stove, but they couldn't get it at the price they wanted unless they purchased six units all at once.  A couple days later John secured commitments from co-workers to buy the remaining five stoves.  When the last of those five original stoves left John & Naomi's garage a light went off in their head.  "Viola", the genesis of Wallace's Stove & Fireplace.


Popular Categories

Gas Fireplaces

Fireplaces can serve as the aesthetic and functional anchor of any room, or they can provide the subtle ambient back-drop that your room needs.  Choose from a vast array of gas or wood fireplaces.


Wood Stoves

The dual nature of a stove, it can be the beautiful center piece of your home, or it can be a work-horse.  Indeed, it is both at once.



Gas Inserts

Transform your inefficient fireplace into a beautiful and functional zone heater with a fireplace insert.  Choose from natural gas, propane, pellet, and wood inserts.