We've Moved

752 - 108th St. S., Tacoma, WA 98444

We're very excited about our new location. If you have recently visited our old Bonney Lake or our Tacoma/Portland Ave. location you would have discovered that we are no longer there.

Our new location dramatically increases the selection of products we can offer.  Our core business, fireplaces and stoves, will remain our focus and our new location allows us to display and demo even more of these fine products.  We are also able to store a greater volume and variety of replacement parts, installation supplies, and accessories.  Last, but not least, our new location has a thriving fuel business supplying customers with Rainier wood pellets, Energy Logs, Cord Wood, and kindling.

We will hold fast to our promise of excellent customer service to our customer's on the Bonney Lake plateau, all the way to Carbonado, Greenwater, and Enumclaw.